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A urinary tract fistula is an abnormal opening in an area of the urinary tract (such as the bladder) or an abnormal connection between the urinary tract to another nearby organ (such as the vagina).

Our highly experienced surgeons take a specialized approach to fistula care. We work closely with gynecologic and colorectal surgeons to treat fistulas and reconstruct affected organs, when necessary.

Treating Fistulas

Our experts create a customized treatment plan based on the severity and location of your fistula. In some cases, fistulas heal on their own. Your doctor may recommend surgery if your fistula is large, is not healing or is causing problems.

Surgery for Urinary Tract Fistulas

Fistula surgery involves removing damaged tissue, closing the abnormal opening or connection between organs and reconstructing the organs to restore normal function.

The approach your surgeon uses will depend on the location and extent of the fistula.

Our urologic surgeons perform a minimally invasive approach whenever possible. Through several small incisions in the abdomen, the surgeon inserts a thin tube with a camera and small instruments to repair the fistula while using the image from the camera for guidance. Minimally invasive surgery has several advantages, including:

  • Smaller incisions and less tissue damage
  • Increased precision for complex surgeries
  • Decreased blood loss and need for transfusion
  • Lower risk of infection
  • Less pain after surgery
  • Smaller scars, both external and internal
  • Shorter hospital stayFaster recovery and return to normal activities
Robotic surgery takes laparoscopic surgery to the next level by improving surgical precision and dexterity, and allowing your surgeon to maneuver in small spaces and repair fistulas without damaging nearby tissue and organs.
For women, the surgeon may be able to repair the fistula by inserting surgical instruments through the vagina. Transvaginal surgery does not require incisions through your skin.
In some cases, open surgery through an incision in your abdomen is necessary to repair your fistula and reconstruct organs.

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Hackensack University Medical Center has been ranked the #1 Urology Department in New Jersey for nine years in a row by U.S. News & World Report and is the only urology department in New Jersey that is nationally ranked.


Our urologists present their clinical research at national conferences and have published over a dozen original studies in peer reviewed journals in a variety of subspecialties.

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We specialize in a range of urologic disciplines including urologic oncology, infertility, stone disease, sexual dysfunction, female urology and pediatric urology.

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Our award-winning team of renowned surgeons, physicians, researchers and other health care specialists are able to provide exceptional urological expertise, advancements and cutting-edge technology to develop a highly-personalized plan for each and every one of our patients.

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