Spinal cord rehabilitation in New Jersey | Hackensack Meridian Health   

Spinal cord rehabilitation in New Jersey | Hackensack Meridian Health

We Can Help You Recover After Spinal Cord Injury

Our spinal cord injury rehabilitation team treats patients who have had a complete or incomplete spinal cord injury below the fifth cervical vertebra who are not on a ventilator. Our program treats all aspects of spinal cord injury and related complications, and assists patients with:
  • Bladder and bowel dysfunction
  • Blood pressure complications
  • Learning adaptive techniques to accomplish tasks
  • Musculoskeletal complications
  • Muscle weakness (hypotonia)
  • Pressure ulcer prevention
  • Redeveloping fine motor skills
  • Secondary infection prevention
  • Sexual function and fertility
  • Spasticity management

Treatment Options for Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation

We offer a full range of inpatient and outpatient services designed to help patients achieve independence and improve quality of life after spinal cord injury. Our services include:

Adaptive technique education: We teach patients new techniques for performing everyday tasks.

Assistive technology: Our specialists are up to date on the latest assistive technology, helping patients to maximize mobility, independence and communication.

Behavioral counseling: We help patients address behavioral changes that may occur after spinal cord injury, including aggression, disinhibition, depression and social challenges.

Driver Training Program: Our certified driver rehabilitation specialists help patients get back on the road through our state-certified program that includes pre-driver evaluation, on-the-road evaluation, and on-the-road training.

Environmental adaptations: Recommendations for adaptations at home, school or work can help patients successfully participate in everyday activities.

Health and wellness education: We teach patients how to maintain overall well-being.

Infection management: We treat complications of spinal cord injury that may lead to infections.

Medical equipment consultations: We work closely with patients and their families to determine what medical equipment would be most beneficial.

Medication management: Our team monitors each patient’s medications, including those prescribed for chronic health conditions, to prevent interactions and increase safety.

Nutrition management: Proper nutrition supports healing and can prevent complications associated with other health conditions.

Orthotic evaluation (custom braces): Orthotics are devices worn to support foot movement.

Pain management: We use the latest techniques and therapies to manage pain and reduce the use of opioid medications.

Physical, occupational, recreational and speech therapy: Physical therapy and occupational therapy help return patients to the highest possible level of function after spinal cord injury.

Prostheses consultation: We evaluate patients to determine if they might benefit from a prosthetic device.

Psychological counseling: Patients with behavioral or mental health concerns have access to comprehensive psychological care.

Spasticity management: We help patients manage spasticity and its symptoms, including tightness, stiffness, pain and spasms.

Supportive services: Our patients have access to case management, social work, and family counseling services.

Wheelchair and seating assessment: We match patients with the right wheelchair for their condition and conduct seating assessments to maximize comfort, safety and function.

Wound care: Expert wound care reduces the risk of complications and helps our patients recover faster.

Why Choose Hackensack Meridian Health for Spinal Cord Rehabilitation


Our rehabilitation team includes board-certified physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians, certified rehabilitation registered nurses (CRRN), therapists, psychologists, case managers and social workers, allowing patients to access a full range of treatments and services to meet their needs.

Patient Experience

We help our patients achieve the highest-possible level of function, including marked improvements in self-care and mobility. We strive to enable our patients to achieve their goals of returning to work or school, resuming a favorite hobby and rejoining social or fitness activities. We offer inpatient and outpatient spinal cord injury rehabilitation, allowing for seamless transition between levels of care.


Our specialists are leaders in spinal cord injury rehabilitation and follow the latest, evidence-based guidelines.

Our Doctors

Our rehabilitation specialists work closely with you, your family, and your other care providers to assist with your recovery after COVID-19.

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