Concussion Rehabilitation in New Jersey | Hackensack Meridian Health   

Concussion Rehabilitation in New Jersey | Hackensack Meridian Health

We Can Help You Recover After a Concussion

Our team can help patients who are experiencing persistent concussion symptoms that interfere with your daily life to recover and safely return to school, work or sports. Our program focuses on:
  • Neuroplasticity, or the ability of the brain to rewire or change connections
  • Preventing disability and subsequent concussions
  • Reducing headaches and pain
  • Regaining cognitive ability and attention
  • Restoring coordination and balance

When to Seek Concussion Rehabilitation

We care for patients with these concussion symptoms:
  • Balance or coordination problems
  • Cognitive problems, such as trouble with thinking, concentration, memory, decision-making or problem-solving
  • Emotional or mental health concerns
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Pain
  • Ringing in the ears called tinnitus
  • Speech difficulties
  • Vision disturbances

Treatment Options for Concussion Rehabilitation

We offer a full range of outpatient services designed to reduce or eliminate concussion symptoms. We also offer comprehensive inpatient and outpatient brain injury rehabilitation for patients with more serious injuries. Our services include:

Athletic return-to-play protocols: Our specialists help patients safely return to their favorite sports.

Balance, dizziness and vestibular therapy: We help patients who have problems with dizziness, balance or vestibular function after concussion.

Cognitive rehabilitation: Our cognitive rehabilitation specialists work with patients to improve their ability to think and learn.

Fatigue management: We teach patients to look for signs of fatigue so they can get the rest they need during concussion recovery.

Headache management: Medication and other therapies may help to control concussion-related headaches.

Mind-body therapy: Meditation, relaxation techniques, acupuncture, massage therapy, yoga and other therapies may promote concussion recovery.

Neuropsychological care: We assist patients with the emotional and mental health aspects of concussion recovery.

Pain management: We use the latest techniques and therapies to manage pain and reduce the use of opioid medications.

Physical, occupational, speech and recreational therapy: Our skilled therapists help patients return to optimal functioning.

Return-to-work evaluation: Our team members work with patients to develop a plan to return to work, including strategies to manage any ongoing symptoms.

Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) management: We collaborate with audiologists to manage ringing in the ears after a head injury.

Vision rehabilitation: Vision rehabilitation assists with visual tasks, such as reading, focus, and concentration.

Bouncing Back from a Concussion: Michelle’s Story

Why Choose Hackensack Meridian Health for Rehabilitation Services


JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute is nationally-ranked as a Top Rehabilitation Hospital in the Country by U.S. News & World Report and The Center for Brain Injuries at JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute is named as just one of 16 Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Model System Sites in the nation for the treatment of brain injuries.


Groundbreaking clinical trials: The experts at JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute are implementing groundbreaking clinical trials and research in stroke rehabilitation poised to change the way care for stroke patients.


Nationally certified for quality treatment and care: Our rehabilitation facilities are licensed by the State of New Jersey and accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) and Joint Commission, meaning we’ve met rigorous quality standards in all areas of our operations and patient care. Learn more about CARF Accreditation.

Our Doctors

Our rehabilitation specialists work closely with you, your family, and your other care providers to assist with your recovery.

Neuroscience Doctors
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