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What is a MitraClip?

The MitraClip is a permanent implant device that allows the heart to pump blood more efficiently and relieves the symptoms of Mitral Valve Regurgitation (MR), which include shortness of breath, fatigue, cough and swelling of the feet or ankles.

Who is a Candidate for MitraClip?

Factors such as your age, your heart valve anatomy for device placement and condition of your heart can affect if you are eligible for a MitraClip procedure. This device is for those diagnosed with severe MR and you do not suffer from any of the following:

  • Blood thinner medication intolerance
  • Have inflammation or an active infection of your mitral valve
  • Have a blood clot in your heart

What to Expect

A catheter is inserted through the femoral vein (a blood vessel located in the groin) up to the heart. The device is then guided to the mitral valve where it grasps the “leaflets” to improve valve closure and reduce the backflow of blood.

This does not require the heart-lung bypass machine as your heart will continue to beat during the procedure. Typically offered in an outpatient or ambulatory setting, this procedure is performed under general anesthesia and usually, higher risk patients require an overnight stay in the hospital to monitor for complications.

Most patients experience relief of the MR symptoms shortly after the procedure.

Why Choose Hackensack Meridian Health for Heart Care


Hackensack University Medical Center is among the first hospitals in New Jersey to use the MitraClip®system for people with severe mitral valve regurgitation (MR). Cardiac experts at Jersey Shore University Medical Center are experienced leaders in using MItraClip, having performed more MitraClip procedures in 2021 than any other hospital in New York and New Jersey.


Hackensack University Medical Center is one of the few hospitals in the nation to use a revolutionary approach to treating a severely advanced heart failure patient with MitraClip and pairing it with fusion imaging, improving the prognosis for a complex patient with very few options


Jersey Shore University Medical Center and Hackensack University Medical Center have earned 3-star rating from The Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS) for the quality of Mitral Valve Replacement or Repair among hospitals across the country. Approximately 12 to 15% of hospitals received the “3 star” rating, which denotes the highest category of quality.

Our Doctors

The combination of expert surgeons, advanced technology and array of heart care services makes Hackensack Meridian Health a trusted choice for patients and families in New Jersey.

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