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Cancer survival rates have improved due to more effective cancer treatments. However, some people may experience damage to the heart after receiving chemotherapy or radiation therapy. This is especially true if you already are at risk for heart disease. The Cardio-Oncology teams at Hackensack Meridian Health are here to help you complete your cancer treatment while minimizing any impact on your heart.

Who is a Candidate for Cardio-Oncology Help?

All cancer patients benefit from our Cardio-Oncology program.

Current patients receive a regular heart function assessment. Our cardiac specialists work closely with your cancer care team to stop heart damage early on, and even reverse it.

Cancer survivors, including those who received cancer treatment as children, can continue to be monitored for heart disease. If needed, we provide cardiac care to help you maintain your heart’s best function.

What Heart Problems Can Be Caused by Cancer Treatment?

Chemotherapy and radiation therapy can cause a side effect called cardiotoxicity, which damages the heart’s muscle or electrical system. Cardiotoxicity can lead to heart conditions during treatment or even years later.

  • Arrhythmia: irregular heartbeat
  • Congestive heart failure: heart muscle becomes too weak to pump efficiently
  • Coronary artery disease: arteries are clogged by fatty materials in the bloodstream
  • Heart attack: medical emergency in which a clot blocks blood flow to the heart
  • Valvular heart disease: malfunction of one or more heart valves that affects flow within the heart

Preventing Heart Problems in Cancer Patients and Survivors

  • Our oncologists work closely with cardiologists who specialize in cancer patients to provide seamless care to protect your heart before, during and after cancer treatment.
  • All cancer patients receive regular heart function screening and assessment throughout treatment.
  • We use the latest cardiac diagnostics to assess your heart, including:
    • Echocardiography (ECG or EKG)
    • Cardiac catheterization, a minimally invasive procedure to look inside your heart’s blood vessels, if needed
    • Electrophysiology testing, to check the electrical signals that regulate your heartbeat, if needed

Why Choose HMH for Heart Care


We have more U.S. News & World Report-ranked hospitals than any other system in NJ, including the best Cardiology & Heart Surgery program in NJ. Our hospitals are also ranked as High Performing in the U.S. in several areas of care, including Heart Attack, Aortic Valve Surgery, Heart Bypass Surgery and Heart Failure.


Our award-winning team of experienced cardiac surgeons, general and subspecialized cardiologists and vascular surgeons have extensive experience diagnosing and treating common or complex heart conditions using the latest diagnostic equipment, therapeutic procedures and minimally invasive surgical techniques.

Patient Experience

We provide more than surgical treatments - we help you learn to manage stress and care for your mental and physical health. We all share the same goal: to help you get back to living the life you love.

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The combination of expert surgeons, advanced technology and array of heart care services makes Hackensack Meridian Health a trusted choice for patients and families in New Jersey.

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