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Comprehensive and individualized care for concussions

Hackensack Meridian Children’s Health offers a dedicated team of pediatric specialists in physical therapy,  occupational therapy,  neurology, neuro psychology, counseling psychology and school advocacy. We are dedicated to getting your child back to school and back on the field as quickly and as safely as possible. Our concussion team provides expert evaluation, testing, and closely monitored management of concussions. Many children recover within 1 to 2 weeks, but sometimes, symptoms can last longer, requiring a more integrated care plan. For patients requiring a comprehensive treatment plan, we offer unique services such as closely monitored active rehabilitation and targeted physical therapy programs.

Concussion evaluation and testing

Specialized tests are required to accurately diagnose and manage concussions. A combination of baseline tests is highly recommended. This ensures a more accurate assessment of severity and appropriate management of young athletes. These tests help physicians objectively evaluate each case and assist in fostering recovery and a healthy return to daily routines. Our children’s hospitals provide the following tests to develop an individualized care plan for your child:
  • ImPACT The ImPACT baseline provides a record of the brain’s reaction time, processing speed, memory, and recognition prior to a concussion. The record can be reviewed if an injury occurs, to objectively evaluate the symptoms and assist the treatment process on a personalized basis.
  • Balance Error Scoring System (BESS) The BESS test measures the child’s ability to maintain posture in a variety of positions: with eyes open and closed, as well as standing on the ground and on a soft pad.
  • Cerebellar Position Sense/Coordination The child is tested with three common assessment tools for cerebellar function and coordination.
  • Eye Convergence An object is held in front at arm’s length, and is gradually moved toward the nose. The point at which the object becomes blurry or two images are seen determines the quality of coordinated eye convergence.
  • King-Devick Test for Visual Scanning* The King-Devick Test entails reciting a series of numbers arranged on several lines while being timed and checked for accuracy.
  • Vestibular Function – Visual Ocular Motor System (VOMS) The child is asked to follow with eyes only the examiner’s finger through a variety of movements. If any of these movements increase dizziness, headache or other issues, it may indicate difficulties in the visual ocular motor system.
*Test is available only at K. Hovnanian Children’s Hospital Community Education We are dedicated to improving awareness and understanding of concussion prevention and rehabilitation in the community education and outreach to all stakeholders. If you are interested in an outreach presentation or concussion prevention/recognition training for coaches, athletic trainers, parents, and athletes, please contact Joseph M. Sanzari Children’s Hospital at 551-996-3200 or K. Hovnanian Children’s Hospital at 732-776-4551.
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Our concussion team provides expert evaluation, testing, and closely monitored management of concussions.

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