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Drug Detox

Why is Drug Detox Necessary?

Drug addiction is a serious illness with no do-it-yourself solution. Blake Recovery Center™, one of the most widely trusted New Jersey detox centers, is run by behavioral health experts with specialized training and vast experience to help those addicted to cocaine, crack, heroin, as well as prescription and other drugs to become clean.

Detox is important because when a person takes a drug consistently for a legitimate purpose or for recreation, the body adjusts and adapts to the drug. As a result, the effect of the drug on the body is lessened. Over time this tolerance will be heightened and more of the drug must be taken to achieve the original effects. This is where chemical dependency begins. Many believe they can quit using drugs on their own, but after a few failed attempts, the need for an inpatient drug detox at a residential drug rehab center like Blake Recovery Center in Belle Mead, NJ becomes clear.

What is Drug Detox?

Drug detox is the process by which a toxic substance is completely removed from or allowed to completely pass through the body. It is the crucial first step of rehab and recovery from a drug addiction. Without removing the drug from the body the person cannot begin to readjust to life without it. Once the body and mind have become dependent on a drug, it will react negatively to being deprived of it. This negative reaction consists of withdrawal symptoms which can be quite severe.

Blake Recovery Center Drug Detox Program

Not all detox programs are the same. There are different methods and conditions that support and define detoxification. Since this activity is the first step in the recovery process, careful attention needs to given in choosing the best program for you or a loved one.

In our NJ drug detox and rehab center, our trained medical staff can lessen the symptoms of withdrawal in a safe, comfortable environment. Based on the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) principles, Blake Recovery Center™ fits into level 3.7. This states that Blake Recovery Center is a medically monitored withdrawal treatment facility. Medical treatment while detoxing is imperative. Detox can be very painful and even dangerous to the body. Having a medical staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week helps to ease the process significantly. It is our objective to help every patient to achieve successful withdrawal and recovery fully from drug dependence without future relapse.

Drug Detoxification Goes Hand in Hand with Drug Rehab

While medication can greatly reduce withdrawal symptoms during drug detox, treatment doesn’t end there. It is only the first step of many. Taking control of an addiction will become a lifelong activity. After detoxing you may actually look and feel better, but that doesn’t mean you’ve overcome the addiction. The body will still crave the substance.

Detox at our NJ drug rehabilitation center prepares you for the next steps in your recovery. At Blake Recovery Center, our drug rehab program gives each individual their own rehab plan involving therapy, life skills training, stress management, family counseling, relapse prevention planning, and recovery-related activities. Just like detox programs, rehab programs are created for the individual to get the best possible results. Although it may not be easy, it will definitely worth it to live a happy, addiction-free life.

If you are struggling with drug addiction or dependence and want to find out more about our detox and treatment in New Jersey, call our toll-free, 24-hour helpline today: 1-800-933-3579.

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