CARF Accreditation at Johnson Rehabilitation Institute at Riverview Medical Center   
Johnson Rehabilitation Institute at Riverview

CARF Accreditation at Johnson Rehabilitation Institute at Riverview Medical Center

The Highest Level of Accreditation

CARF Accreditation CARF accreditation is the gold standard of excellence and the highest level of accreditation possible for rehabilitation programs.

Our general inpatient therapy program is accredited by CARF, which means we strictly adhere to internationally-recognized standards of patient care and quality and have passed a rigorous review of our services and operations by surveyors from CARF® International, an independent, nonprofit organization that surveys and accredits more than 59,000 programs worldwide.

What our CARF accreditation means to you

Our accreditation is evidence of our commitment to:
  • Involve you and your family with planning your care
  • Provide you with treatment and services that will help you achieve the best outcomes possible
  • Respect your cultural preferences
  • Address public health and safety concerns, such as creating a culture of safety and emergency preparedness
  • Maintain efficient, cost-effective management practices that are based on patient outcomes and satisfaction
  • Remain accountable to our funding sources, referral agencies and the community at large
For more information about CARF International, the standards, or the accreditation process, visit

Johnson Rehabilitation Institute at Riverview Medical Center, formerly known as Riverview Rehabilitation Center, is a 30 bed inpatient rehabilitation hospital attached to an acute care hospital. It is the only acute comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation facility in Monmouth County that is accredited by CARF* with a Stroke Specialty Program.  

Our mission is to: 

  • Provide goal-oriented interdisciplinary and comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation services to persons with disabilities 
  • Meet individual physical, communicative, cognitive, psychosocial, vocational and leisure needs 
  • Help our patients achieve the highest level of function and independence 
  • Return patients home and to functioning optimally within their community 
  • Design an individualized, goal-focused program to support the return to meaningful daily life routines
  • Rebuild self-confidence in your ability to care for yourself

*The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) is a national, not-for-profit  organization whose sole concern is to promote quality services for people with disabilities. 

Johnson Rehabilitation Institute at Riverview Medical Center provides a comprehensive, interdisciplinary and functionally-based treatment program that helps our patients recover and return to their optimal level of function. 

The acute inpatient rehabilitation program is led by your physiatrist who directs your clinical team to provide 24-hour nursing services, 24-hour physician medical oversight and therapy services tailored to your needs, typically consisting of a minimum 15 hours weekly.  If medically indicated, you will participate in a modified therapy program. 

Your treatment program is tailored to your individual needs and consists of physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, recreation therapy and a prosthetist/orthotist as needed. 

Johnson Rehabilitation Institute at Riverview Medical Center admits patients with medical and functional needs necessitating an acute rehabilitation program.  

The clinical pre-admissions coordinator team performs screenings and reviews each patient’s medical and functional needs with the Physiatrist team to determine need for an acute rehabilitation program. Johnson Rehabilitation Institute at Riverview Medical Center offers: general medical rehabilitation, stroke/neurologic rehabilitation, amputee rehabilitation, spinal cord rehabilitation, cardiac rehabilitation, cancer rehabilitation, traumatic brain injury rehabilitation as well as orthopedic rehabilitation. 

The institute accepts persons with traumatic and non-traumatic spinal cord dysfunction including: C5 ASIA A (complete), or levels below, or any ASIA D levels who do not require a high level of respiratory support or necessitate ventilator support.  The center does not admit pediatric patients, ventilator dependent patients, coma patients, or those patients who are lacking the capacity to participate in the acute rehabilitation program who are both confused and agitated, and who require a closed unit for safety.

Most rehabilitation facilities specialize in treating patients with certain medical conditions, like patients who have had a stroke. The table below shows the number of people who have been treated in Johnson Rehabilitation Institute in the last year.

General Rehab Number of Patients Treated By Diagnostic Unit Infographic

General Rehab Average Length of Stay Infographic

Individual patient length of stay is dependent on medical and functional needs, and progress towards rehabilitation goals.

Johnson Rehabilitation Institute at Riverview Medical Center’s patients are scheduled for a minimum of 3 hours of therapy per day for 5 days. However, if medically necessary, a modified program may be scheduled for 15 hours of therapy over the course of 7 days. 

In addition to the physical, occupational and speech therapy services provided, you may also participate in recreational therapy and time with an orthotist and prosthetist orthotic if indicated in your individual plan of care.

Johnson Rehabilitation Institute at Riverview Medical Center is attached to Riverview Medical Center, an acute care hospital that provides emergency care, neurology, pulmonology, cardiology and other services. 

We work with Riverview Medical Center to ensure the following services are available to our patients including but not limited to: pharmacy, laboratory, diagnostic imaging, dietitian/nutritional support, spiritual services, respiratory therapy, specialized wound care and other services as needed per the patient's plan of care. Services are provided based on hours of service provided at the acute care side of the hospital and meet regulatory required timeframes. 

Your treatment team will work with you to optimize your functional outcomes and meet your goals to reentry into your home and community. All patients are evaluated to see how much help they need to do functional activities on admission, and again prior to discharge. Both mobility skills (such as walking and moving from lying down to sitting up) and  self care skills (getting dressed and bathing) are measured. Each person’s goals and activities are unique and will require different levels of support or equipment. Therefore, prior to you leaving the Institute, your team will work with you and your family to feel comfortable and confident with your transition. 

Patients at our institution achieved the following outcomes:

General Rehab Discharge Goal Achievement Infographic

Johnson Rehabilitation Institute at Riverview Medical Center places a priority on preventing any type of harm to our patients.  Pressure ulcers can be painful and cause other complications, like a reduction in mobility and infections. Johnson Rehabilitation Institute at Riverview can help prevent and treat pressure ulcers by understanding which patients are at higher risk, ensuring frequent changes in the patient's position, providing proper nutrition, and using specialized beds to reduce pressure on the skin. According to, Johnson Rehabilitation Institute at Riverview Medical Center performed better than the national average in preventing or improving skin injury:

General Rehab Pressure Ulcers or Injuries Infographic

Fall-related injuries are a leading cause of morbidity and mortality among inpatient rehabilitation patients, and are an important health outcome to monitor. Falls with major injury can cause new physical limitations, disability, and depression. Johnson Rehabilitation Institute at Riverview Medical Center prevents or reduces falls by providing appropriate patient care and sufficient support. According to, Johnson Rehabilitation Institute at Riverview Medical Center performed better than the national average in preventing falls with injury:

General Rehab Fall Rate with Major Injury Infographic

*The above information is obtained from care compare who updates their data periodically and was available at the time of this revision.  

A major goal of Johnson Rehabilitation Institute at Riverview Medical Center is returning patients to their home environment. Follow-up data collection allows for the opportunity to assess patient function over time and in the individuals’ own environment.

General Rehab Discharge Outcome Infographic

When a patient is discharged from the Institute, they receive a Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire. Patients answer the questions on a scale of 1-5 rating their satisfaction with program services in many areas. The highest rating is a score of 100%.

General Rehab Satisfaction Rate Infographic

Johnson Rehabilitation Institute at Riverview Medical Center continues to be a proud recipient of Riverview Medical Center Foundation grants. The institute has received funding for technology items including the Omni-VR, Reo Go, and patient iPads. In 2022, the Foundation supported the purchase of a specialized tilt-in-space shower/commode chair. 
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