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Co-educational Program for Grades 7-12

East Mountain School students learn in a co-educational environment which addresses any behavioral or academic challenges. Some of our students may be affected by a variety of psychiatric or learning problems, and have difficulty interacting with others in and out of school. Prior to coming to us, students would have problems not only impacted their education, but their families and friends. Through our caring staff and continuum of services, East Mountain School has helped many students on a positive path to emotional, academic, and professional success.

Individualized Education for Your Child

  • East Mountain School Grades 7 through 12. East Mountain School accommodates special education classes for upper elementary students (7th and 8th grade) and high school students in grades 9 to 12.
  • Departmentalized program: students attend classes within a four-teacher teaching team, with each class having an assigned teacher aide.
  • Self-contained classes are available for students who require a specialized classroom environment.
  • Specialized program available for PDD/Asperger’s disabilities (pervasive developmental delay)
  • Students may exhibit mild to moderate learning disabilities; many students have multiple learning issues in addition to the behavioral component, which may impact learning. Programs are designed to provide a positive educational experience for children and reintegrate them to being more learner active and successful in school.
  • Programs for students with varying intellectual abilities, from advanced through remedial classes available. Ongoing support for student success is built into each class, based on the student’s Individualized Education Program, IEP.
  • All students are referred by their district’s Child study team and placed as part of their formal classification process.
  • Students admitted into the East Mountain Lodge residential program are able to attend the East Mountain School with the approval of the student’s child study team and sending school district.

How to Enroll Your Child

Student referrals to the East Mountain School are made through the child study team from each local school district. Further information for admissions can be obtained by calling:

Main Office
908-281-1415 or 908-281-1445

IEP Coordinator

To learn more about specialized educational services and how parents can help take action, please visit: www.spannj.org.

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