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Hackensack Meridian Health Neurology/Neurosurgery

Providing the highest level of neurology and neurosurgery care for the most complex neurological conditions through advanced surgical and therapeutic techniques, highly developed care models, and translational research.

Spinal Cord Injury Care
Hackensack University Medical Center Participates in Elezanumab Trial for Spinal Cord Injury

International trial evaluating immunotherapy drug studied for impact on outcomes in cervical spine injuries

Charcot Marie Tooth Disease
Hackensack University Medical Center Publishes Research and Opens Third Clinical Trial for Patients with Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) Disease

Promising new medications may reduce complications and slow progression of neuromuscular disorder

Group Neurological Treatment
Hackensack Launches Group Treatment Program for Patients Newly Diagnosed with Neurological Disorders

Hackensack University Medical Center applies a group treatment experience for patients struggling with anxiety and other worries associated with chronic neurological diagnoses

Speech an Indicator of Brain Trauma
Hackensack University Medical Center Investigates Role of Speech in Pediatric Brain Injury

Studies focus on speech correlation to recovery in mild brain injury and concussion

Accessibility Aware Street Maps
Hackensack University Medical Center Addresses Community Sidewalk Accessibility

Crowd-sourced Project Sidewalk virtual tool maps sidewalk obstructions to guide people with disabilities or access challenges

Interprofessional Care
Hackensack University Medical Center Provides Interprofessional Care for Headache, Migraine and Facial Pain

Center offers on-site medication infusions and injections, counseling psychologists and fellowship-trained headache specialists

Brain Scan Imaging
Hackensack University Medical Center Will Participate in Nationwide Study of Amyloid PET in Patients with Mild Dementia or Cognitive Impairment

Study to Assess Test’s Usefulness to Guide Decision-Making

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